Sunday, September 18, 2011

Classic Elite's Quick Knits

Title:  Classic Elite's Quick Knits
Author:  Classic Elite
Date:  18 October 2011
Source:  NetGalley
Pages:  224
ISBN:  9781600854033

This awesome book is packed with beautiful patterns.  There are 100 patterns for Wraps, Cowls, Shawls, Scarfs, Socks, mittens, Hats and dolls.  There was not one pattern that I did not like.  The first section has 40 patterns for hats, mittens and socks for adults and children. There are regular mittens and fingerless mittens.  There are cabled hats and fairisle hats as well as lots of differnt sock patterns.
The second section has 41 patterns for Scarves, Shrugs, wraps, capes and cowls. This is my favorite section.  It has beautiful patterns that include lace patterns, and cable patterns. My personal favorite in this section is the Cinder Scarf.  It is a beautiful, soft, seafoam colored, cabled scarf that is 64' long.

The last section contains 8 of the prettiest blanket patterns I have ever seen.  It also has a couple of very cute dolls that any child would love to have.

 For  patterns requiring charts, the charts in color and easy to follow,  along with the written patter.  Each pattern is also labeled beginner, intermediate or advanced.  I think there is something lovely in this book for every level of knitter.

Here are a few photo's of what you will get get with this very lovely book!

Cabled Hat-I Love this one!

Child's Pill Box Hat

Fresco Mitts

Ruched Shawl
Aspen Capelet
Fresco Shrug
Halo Cowl

And my favorite pattern, The Cinder Scarf
And the last phot is of The Renaissance Doll
There are so many great patterns in this book that I plan on buying it when it comes out because I can't read  the Netgalley version very well.  I hope you enjoyed this, i know there are a lot of photo's, but i wanted you to see that this is not a book that you buy and then wonder why youbought something that did not have very good patterns.  As you can see this book is full of beautiful patterns.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Backto the Books Blog hop winner!!

Congratulations to Krysta! She won the $25.00 Amazon giftcard!! Thank you everyone for participating! I wish I could give everyone a gift!

Faces of Hope 10 Years Later by Christine Pisera Naman

Faces of Hope 10 Years Later: Babies Born on 9/11
Title:  Faces of Hope 10 Years Later
Sub Title:  Babies Born on a day of Horror Live a Life of Hope
Author:  Christine Pisera Naman
Publisher:  HCI
Publication Date:  1 August 2011
Pages:  120
Source:  NetGalley

My Review

This book is dedicated to the memory of  Christine Taylor Green.  She was born 11 September 2001 and died 8 January 2011.  She was the youngest victim at the Arizona shooting spree on 8 January 2011 at Representative Gabriella Giffords political event.

Christine Taylor 11 September 2001 /12:50 pm - 8 January 2011

'If there are rain puddles in heaven, Christine is Jumping in them today."  -President Barack Obama in his address to the Nation, Memorial speech in Arizona, 2011.

The first edition of this book was filled with big eyed babies that were born 11 September 2001.  Ten years later this book shows those same big eyed babies as young children.  Now they show eyes filled with hope and big toothy grins.  Also, each child has made a piece of art that is included with their photograph, along with a quote from the child on how they plan to make the world a better place.

This is the first time I have read anything about this horrible day, that made me feel happy.  Usually anything about this day fiills me with an overwhelming sense of helplessness and sadness.  But,looking at the beautiful faces of these children and reading about their hopes and dreams, makes me realize that the world is still  a wonderful place.

There are 50 children in this book, one from each state.  All of the children express good things about the world, even though they are all very aware of what happened on the day they were born.  This is not a book about grief and sadness, it is a book of Hope and Happiness.  This can be seen in their art work, in their faces, and in their writings about making the world a better place.  I think this book is a lovely tribute to that day!

Jacob Robert, New York 12:23pm
"I will make the world abetter place by going in the woods and cleaning all the trash.  And then if I see a sick animal I will help it out and ask if I could take it to the vet.  That is how I will make the world a better place."

Carson Wil 7:56 am and Collin Levi 7:57 am, Texas
"We Will make the world a better place by making people laugh and giving big hugs."

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