Monday, July 18, 2011

Please vote for Cooper on Jones Soda!!!

Please use te link below to vote for my Cooper!  He has a chance to be printed on Jones Soda's labels!!![category]=7&offset=37
He has a chance to be printed on a Jones Soda label!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Joey Greens Amazing Pet Cures

Title:  Joey Greens Amazing Cures
Subtitle:  1,138 Simple Pet Remedies Using Everyday Brand NameProducts
Publisher:  Rodale
Publication Date: 26 April 2011
ISBN:  9781605291284

Title:  Joeyy Greens Amazing Pet Cures
Publication Date:26 April 2011
Publisher:  Rodale
Pages:  354
Source:  NetGalley

My Review:  Since I am the owner of numerous animals, I was very interested in this book.  I have two Weimaraners and a cat and you never know when something can go wrong.  So, I am always interested in being prepared as best as I can.  We have a local 24 hour emergency vet service and I have had to use them several times.  They are awesome and I am so glad they are available, but they are also very expensive.  I recommend that you see your vet for anything serious, but for the less serious occurrences, this book is wonderful.

A sneek peek inside this book will give you an idea of the great information it contains.  For example, for dogs and cats, you should keep children's Benedryl on hand in case of allergies and itchy skin.  You can give 1-3 milligrams for every pound of body weight.  Another great tip for Dogs only, for bad breath, use listerine cool mint at 1 capful in 1 cup of water and plce in a spray bottle and spray in the dogs mouth .  you can even spray their coat to freshen it up.  For bathing your dog, try a capful of Downey fabric softener per 1/2 gallon of water in the final rinse for a soft coat, and use Johnsons Baby Shampoo  for a tear free bath. This book also includes care tips for bird owners and other pets.  It has treat recipes for birds, cats and dogs.  It really is a treasure trove of important information that every pet owner should own.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Art of the Chicken Coop by Chris Gleason

Title:  The Art of the Chicken Coop
Sub Title:  A Fun Essential Guide to Housing Your Peeps
Publisher:  Fox Chapel Publishing
ISBN:  9789565235427
Date of Publication:  1 June 2011

 More and more people are discovering the joy of gardening in their back yards. Even in a small yard, You can find enough space to enjoy fresh vegetables. Just one tomatoe plant can provide fresh tomatoes all summer long. Well now with the help of this book, you can add the joy of having fresh eggs to your table. I used to raise chickens and I loved having fresh eggs. They seem to taste so much better than store bought.  Besides, you know what goes into their production and your chickens are not suffering in cramped, crude living conditions as most of the chickens producing store bought eggs are.  Another positive thing about backyard chicken coops are the benefits of fertilizer for your garden.  You no longer have to throw away those left overs bevcause chickens will eat just about anything you give them.  But, they really love fresh vegetables and fruits.  You can feed them the peels and pits.  Also, Chris suggests using salvaged goods for building uour coop.  You can find salved wood from construction and demolition sites.

This book by Chris Gleason has really sparked a new interest in chickens for me. Now, if I can just talk my husband into it. I am contemplating just sticking to a few of the bantam chickens. When I had chickens, I loved the Old English Bantams, the Frizzle's (these were the best momma's and the sweetest birds), I also had a few of the rumpless Aracauna chickens that lay green eggs. 

Not only does the book provide wonderful ideas for coops, runs and nest boxes, but it also provides the materials needed for each project and step by step instructions. Most of the steps have color photographs to go along with the directions. Also icluded int the book are several recipes for using the eggs. One of the suggestion that I believes is one of the best things ever, is for making a hand sanitizer holder that is attached to the door of the coop. This is such a simple thing, and yet so smart. This makes it easy to have clean hands before touching your birds as well as clean hands before going back in your house.

Here are a few pictures of my chickens:

Chicken Butts

Baby Turken

Sweet Frizzle

Old English Bantam

Elvis and Pricilla

Take a look at some of the inspiration provided in this great book!

I can't decide if this is my favorite..

Or if this is my favorite!

How about a miniature barn in your back yard?!

Oh heck, I llike all of them!  I can't choose a favorite!

Thank you to Netgalley for allowing me to review this fine book!

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